The Database of Privately Compensated Judges

The database at the bottom of this page is the work of several individuals who have tirelessly mined data from California’s superior courts which oftentimes deny access public records concerning the assignment of privately compensated judges to family law case. The database is updated in realtime as information is obtained. If you have information concerning a family law case assigned to a privately compensated judges please add a case.

For more information on how California’s corrupt “private judge” scheme works read this article.

Despite numerous public access and records requests under California Rules of Court, rules 2.400, 2.834, 10.500, the California Constitution, common law, California’s Superior Courts, privately compensated judges, and their affiliated entities, continue to withhold public access and records in furtherance of the scheme.

The California Courts’ refusal to provide basic access to public proceedings, public records, and truthful disclosures from individuals temporarily appointed as judicial officers in family law proceedings under the guise of “privately compensated judge pro tem” fosters a culture of judicial corruption that exploits and harms California’s families. The system and its enablers undermine the integrity of California’s judicial system.

Update: 3/21/22 – 73 new assignment orders added from San Fransisco Superior Court

Update: 3/6/22 – 734 new assignment orders added from Santa Clara Superior Court

Update: 3/11/22 – 32 new assignment orders added from San Francisco Superior Court

Case Title:Case Number:Superior Court:Private Judge:Affiliation:Hourly Rate:Retainer Fee:Petitioner:Petitioner’s Attorney:Petitioner’s Firm:Respondent:Respondent’s Attorneys:Respondent’s Firm:Assignment Date:Assignment Expires:Official Assignor/Judge:Corruption Risk:PCJPT IMAGE
Laura Flores v. Arturo Flores15FL173085Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Laura FloresArturo Flores
Jennifer Maxwell v. Brian Maxwell16FL173344Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jennifer MaxwellBrian Maxwell
Chung Leong v. Yi-Wen Hung16FL173366Santa Clara CountyMarjorie A. Slabach888-501-3062Chung LeongYi-Wen Hung
Deborah Vatani v. Mehdi Vatani16FL173515Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Deborah VataniMehdi Vatani
Lawrence Dong v. Kim Le16FL173596Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Lawrence DongKim Le
Desirea Peffer v. Joseph Ramos16FL173740Santa Clara CountyAndrew K. Calvert408.258.3250Desirea PefferJoseph Ramos
Richard Garcia v. Mary Lopez16FL173746Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Richard GarciaMary Lopez
Harry Mullins v. Sunny Tarter16FL173767Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Harry MullinsSunny Tarter
Kelly Phillips v. Anne Kariuki16FL173789Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kelly PhillipsAnne Kariuki
Rohini Kumbar v. Preetam Modur16FL173831Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Rohini KumbarPreetam Modur
Kristine Kopp-Miller v. Christian Miller16FL173954Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Kristine Kopp-MillerChristian Miller
Jing Zhai v. Yong Wang16FL174184Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Jing ZhaiYong Wang
Ashish Joshi v. Khyatiben Shukla16FL174209Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ashish JoshiKhyatiben Shukla
Melanie Zarnegar v. Mark Zarnegar16FL174248Santa Clara CountyRichard P. Roggia408.297.8261Melanie ZarnegarMark Zarnegar
Evan Rapoport v. Alanna Hobbs16FL174361Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Evan RapoportAlanna Hobbs
Jennifer Segura v. Ben Segura16FL174402Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jennifer SeguraBen Segura
Phan v. Sambath16FL174426Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865PhanSambath
Jayna Whitt v. Aaron Whitt16FL174469Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Jayna WhittAaron Whitt
Murphy Sabatino III v. Jennifer Sabatino16FL174485Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Murphy Sabatino IIIJennifer Sabatino
Michal Bousso v. Dan Bousso16FL174494Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Michal BoussoDan Bousso
Ajit Mylavarapu v. Bhoomika Chilakamarri16FL174540Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ajit MylavarapuBhoomika Chilakamarri
Sandra McMaster v. Robert McMaster16FL174594Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sandra McMasterRobert McMaster
Richard Jones v. Gail Jones16FL174596Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Richard JonesGail Jones
James Lambert v. Laura Marshall-Lambert16FL174638Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225James LambertLaura Marshall-Lambert
Linda Sayad v. Pierre Sayad16FL174672Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Linda SayadPierre Sayad
Glenn Schwarzbach v. Lillian Guajardo16FL174731Santa Clara CountyTracy Duell-Cazes408.267.8484Glenn SchwarzbachLillian Guajardo
Elizabeth Getachew v. Yared Negash16FL174826Santa Clara CountyAndrew K. Calvert408.258.3250Elizabeth GetachewYared Negash
Durlabh Dhaliwal v. Rattandeep Dhaliwal16FL174845Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Durlabh DhaliwalRattandeep Dhaliwal
Matthew Franklin v. Culzean Franklin16FL174966Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Matthew FranklinCulzean Franklin
Jack Chen v. Rhea Liang16FL174977Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jack ChenRhea Liang
Shane Dormady v. Jennifer Dormady16FL175060Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Shane DormadyJennifer Dormady
Jennie Goldenson v. Andrew Goldenson16FL175086Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jennie GoldensonAndrew Goldenson
Ronald Cicero v. Kathryn Cicero16FL175092Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Ronald CiceroKathryn Cicero
Kimberly Edwards v. William Edwards16FL175097Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kimberly EdwardsWilliam Edwards
Duane Hooton v. Yue Yang16FL175157Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Duane HootonYue Yang
Tianna Fu v. Hezhi Ai16FL175250Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Tianna FuHezhi Ai
Hongbin Zheng v. Yingchao Yan16FL175275Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Hongbin ZhengYingchao Yan
Eric Winokur v. Molly Winokur16FL175469Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Eric WinokurMolly Winokur
Constance Andrew v. Kevin Andrew16FL175667Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Constance AndrewKevin Andrew
Kerri Bonnici v. Charles Bonnici16FL175668Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Kerri BonniciCharles Bonnici
Elaine Leff v. Daniel Leff16FL175794Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Elaine LeffDaniel Leff
Carla Fisher v. Jonathan Fisher16FL175860Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Carla FisherJonathan Fisher
Xiaolin Wang v. Lishin Li16FL175915Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Xiaolin WangLishin Li
Brian Stearns v. Stephanie Stearns16FL175953Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Brian StearnsStephanie Stearns
Richard Figueroa v. Janet Figueroa16FL176042Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Richard FigueroaJanet Figueroa
Marcia Knittel v. Gregory Knittel16FL176059Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Marcia KnittelGregory Knittel
Julia Dempsey v. James Dempsey16FL176129Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Julia DempseyJames Dempsey
Catherine Wallace v. Timothy Wallace16FL176245Santa Clara CountySusan Vicklund Wilson408.779.4888Catherine WallaceTimothy Wallace
Lilian Kleinberg v. Scott Kleinberg16FL176298Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Lilian KleinbergScott Kleinberg
Sandeep Gupta v. Shuchi Garg16FL176521Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Sandeep GuptaShuchi Garg
Allison Needham v. Joshua Needham16FL176598Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Allison NeedhamJoshua Needham
Linda Sinyard v. Michael Sinyard16FL176732Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Linda SinyardMichael Sinyard
Shanon Williamson v. Jeffrey William son16FL176741Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Shanon WilliamsonJeffrey William son
Charles Prooth v. Marcy Ratliff16FL176755Santa Clara CountySusan Vicklund Wilson408.779.4888Charles ProothMarcy Ratliff
Marc Stoll v. Jyoti Shrivastava-Stoll16FL176903Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Marc StollJyoti Shrivastava-Stoll
Anna Griffen v. Tony Griffen16FL176914Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Anna GriffenTony Griffen
Liying Yang v. Manny Ramirez16FL177060Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Liying YangManny Ramirez
Catherine Musallam v. Steven Musallam16FL177074Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Catherine MusallamSteven Musallam
Roberta Wong v. Fintan McCabe16FL177086Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Roberta WongFintan McCabe
Scott Yow v. Abegail Yow16FL177128Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Scott YowAbegail Yow
Maureen Heatley v. Robert Heatley16FL177177Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Maureen HeatleyRobert Heatley
Antonina Otero v. Roger Otero16FL177214Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Antonina OteroRoger Otero
Anthony Ford v. Maxine Warren16FL177215Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Anthony FordMaxine Warren
Gururaj Singh v. Anuradha Singh16FL177245Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Gururaj SinghAnuradha Singh
Aviah Morag v. Efrat Morag16FL177297Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Aviah MoragEfrat Morag
Danielle Hunt v. Robert Hunt16FL177302Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Danielle HuntRobert Hunt
DeArlin Garcia v. Thomas Garcia16FL177303Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771DeArlin GarciaThomas Garcia
Elizabeth Lee v. Patrick Lee16FL177311Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Elizabeth LeePatrick Lee
Randy Meadows v. Geraldine Meadows16FL177379Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Randy MeadowsGeraldine Meadows
Diane Souza v. William Somerville16FL177588Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Diane SouzaWilliam Somerville
Lakshmi Sathyanarayana v. Nagaraj Govindaraj16FL177642Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Lakshmi SathyanarayanaNagaraj Govindaraj
AeJa Quintanar v. Jose Quintanar16FL177651Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225AeJa QuintanarJose Quintanar
Gregory J. Wolff v. Anne Sunita De Tourreil16FL177713Santa Clara CountyClifford Ross Chernick650.327.5570Gregory J. WolffAnne Sunita De Tourreil
Daniel Murray v. Joanna Murray16FL177883Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Daniel MurrayJoanna Murray
Yujin Kuo v. Jimmy Kuo16FL178109Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Yujin KuoJimmy Kuo
Pamela Rolle v. Gerry Rolle16FL178203Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Pamela RolleGerry Rolle
Loretta Chou v. Dames Diani16FL178257Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Loretta ChouDames Diani
Angelica VillaSenor v. Javier Cardenas16FL178315Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Angelica VillaSenorJavier Cardenas
Benjamin Saitz v. Andrea Saitz16FL178331Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Benjamin SaitzAndrea Saitz
Kulwinder Dhillon v. Amritjeet Dhillon16FL178382Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kulwinder DhillonAmritjeet Dhillon
MP v. EE17CP000316Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865MPEE
Charles Smith v. Joseph Carroll et al17CV321143Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Charles SmithJoseph Carroll et al
Kimberly Richman v. Mark Richman17FL000077Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kimberly RichmanMark Richman
Caryl Patrick v. Robert Patrick17FL000126Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Caryl PatrickRobert Patrick
Tammy Gragg v. Lester Gragg17FL000200Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Tammy GraggLester Gragg
Mona Ho v. William Ho17FL000344Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Mona HoWilliam Ho
Eric Hickok v. Brent Oya17FL000439Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Eric HickokBrent Oya
Michelle Carroll v. Joseph Carroll17FL000634Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Michelle CarrollJoseph Carroll
Anushree Saxena v. Siddharth Mathur17FL000695Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Anushree SaxenaSiddharth Mathur
Omar Leung v. Leena Sansquiri17FL000772Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Omar LeungLeena Sansquiri
Lesley Lint v. Kevin Lint17FL001022Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Lesley LintKevin Lint
George Liu v. Xiao Han17FL001152Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865George LiuXiao Han
Tracy Desmond v. Nicholas Baggott17FL001332Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Tracy DesmondNicholas Baggott
Silke Grimm v. Jon Moss17FL001339Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Silke GrimmJon Moss
Sandra Lucas v. Daniel Lucas17FL001450Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Sandra LucasDaniel Lucas
Monica Martinez-Canales v. Miguel Canales17FL001594Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Monica Martinez-CanalesMiguel Canales
Mary Buendia v. Sergio Buendia17FL002371Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Mary BuendiaSergio Buendia
Nancy Lunetta v. John Lunetta17FL002387Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Nancy LunettaJohn Lunetta
Wei-Ken Seto v. Laura Leto17FL002591Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Wei-Ken SetoLaura Leto
Joo Tham v. Hsaio-Wun Chen17FL002774Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Joo ThamHsaio-Wun Chen
Robert Alvarado v. Emily Tenorio17FL002917Santa Clara CountyAndrew K. Calvert408.258.3250Robert AlvaradoEmily Tenorio
Susmita Mutsuddy v. Anupam Barua17FL002944Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Susmita MutsuddyAnupam Barua
James Thayer v. Anna Thayer17FL003186Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771James ThayerAnna Thayer
Andrea Setera v. Jeffrey Setera17FL003302Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Andrea SeteraJeffrey Setera
Carlos Alvarenga v. Suleyma Alvarenga17FL003368Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Carlos AlvarengaSuleyma Alvarenga
Richard Rathjen v. Kelly Rathjen17FL003428Santa Clara CountyWilliam Woodcock, Jr.831.459.6000Richard RathjenKelly Rathjen
Kathleen McCabe-Elsey v. Brian Elsey17FL003602Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Kathleen McCabe-ElseyBrian Elsey
Wayne L’Heureux v. Sue Ann L’Heureux17FL003635Santa Clara CountySusan Vicklund Wilson408.842.7878Wayne L’HeureuxSue Ann L’Heureux
Robert Hasslen v. Sharon Hasslen17FL003682Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Robert HasslenSharon Hasslen
Glenn Albin v. Julie Albin17FL003779Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Glenn AlbinJulie Albin
Chad Dyer v. Erica Dyer17FL003826Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Chad DyerErica Dyer
Rosalia Moreno v. Manuel De Haro17FL003887Santa Clara CountyAndrew K. Calvert408.258.3250Rosalia MorenoManuel De Haro
Kerry Newlin v. John Newlin17FL004114Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Kerry NewlinJohn Newlin
Craig Hulse v. Merilee Germano17FL004346Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Craig HulseMerilee Germano
John O’Brien v. Nancy O’Brien17FL004563Santa Clara CountySherrol L. Cassedy650.853.0500John O’BrienNancy O’Brien
Lucinda Layton v. Brian O’Maoinagh17FL004657Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Lucinda LaytonBrian O’Maoinagh
Jeanine Anderson v. Gregg Anderson17FL004727Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Jeanine AndersonGregg Anderson
Shaun Del Grande v. Penelope Del Grande17FL004819Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Shaun Del GrandePenelope Del Grande
Diane Hayward v. Cary Hayward17FL005167Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Diane HaywardCary Hayward
Jennifer Howard v. Matthew Porteus18CP000631Santa Clara CountyCatherine A. Gallagher408.288.2240Jennifer HowardMatthew Porteus
David Vickrey v. R. Corey Vickrey18FL000035Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865David VickreyR. Corey Vickrey
Tania Choi v. Enoch Choi18FL000391Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Tania ChoiEnoch Choi
James Cunningham v. Leslie Cunningham18FL000617Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771James CunninghamLeslie Cunningham
Vivian Moussa v. Nereida Moussa18FL000658Santa Clara CountyDavid A. Fink510.422.3276Vivian MoussaNereida Moussa
Holly Nath v. Pravene Nath18FL000738Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Holly NathPravene Nath
Jennifer Ondrejka v. Cory Ondrejka18FL000780Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Jennifer OndrejkaCory Ondrejka
Anna Mai v. Vincent Mai18FL000804Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Anna MaiVincent Mai
Jenny Pan v. Willy Pan18FL000989Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Jenny PanWilly Pan
Hyon Se v. Helder Ramalho18FL001034Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Hyon SeHelder Ramalho
Anubhuti Sharma v. Ashish Sharma (Limited appt)18FL001050Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Anubhuti SharmaAshish Sharma (Limited appt)
Karen Whipple v. Jeffrey Whipple18FL001062Santa Clara CountySusan Vicklund Wilson408.779-4888Karen WhippleJeffrey Whipple
Shivani Pulimamidi v. Pasula Reddy18FL001123Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Shivani PulimamidiPasula Reddy
Jennifer Streza v. Bradley Streza18FL001422Santa Clara CountyCharlotte Walter Woolard415.772.0900Jennifer StrezaBradley Streza
Joshua Scotland v. Weiyi Gu18FL001423Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Joshua ScotlandWeiyi Gu
Andrew Hess v. Cynthia Hess18FL001451Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Andrew HessCynthia Hess
Darya Chudova v. Dmitry Pavlov18FL001487Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Darya ChudovaDmitry Pavlov
Laurie Dasher v. John Vigliecca18FL001746Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Laurie DasherJohn Vigliecca
Thomas Laffey v. Peggyt Laffey18FL001776Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Thomas LaffeyPeggyt Laffey
Sandeep Mirchandani v. Jingjing Xu18FL001783Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Sandeep MirchandaniJingjing Xu
Christopher Hasser v. Sheila Hasser18FL001839Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Christopher HasserSheila Hasser
Barbara Adams v. Andrew Cromarty18FL002066Santa Clara CountyRobert Redding408.275.8100Barbara AdamsAndrew Cromarty
Denny Lai v. Michele Ho18FL002095Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Denny LaiMichele Ho
Robert Wills v. Susan Wills18FL002124Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Robert WillsSusan Wills
Aaron Weitzman v. Einat Lahav18FL002129Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Aaron WeitzmanEinat Lahav
Allison Hartman v. Alexander Krasner18FL002162Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Allison HartmanAlexander Krasner
Lisa Spiegelman v. Daniel Spiegelman18FL002189Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Lisa SpiegelmanDaniel Spiegelman
Prerna Uppal v. Sanjay Uppal18FL002207Santa Clara CountyMadeleine Simborg415.924.7171Prerna UppalSanjay Uppal
Julio Zaragoza v. Zezzet Zaragoza18FL002215Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Julio ZaragozaZezzet Zaragoza
Kjirstina Anderson v. Michael Rosenthal18FL002307Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Kjirstina AndersonMichael Rosenthal
Michael Corrales v. Stella Bella18FL002354Santa Clara CountyAndrew G. Watters415.261.8527Michael CorralesStella Bella
Kelli Kong v. Andrew Chung18FL002378Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Kelli KongAndrew Chung
Anousha Zafaripour v. Ehsan Hajialiasgar18FL002473Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Anousha ZafaripourEhsan Hajialiasgar
Anrica Deb v. John Tanghe18FL002496Santa Clara CountyRichard P. Roggia408.297.8261Anrica DebJohn Tanghe
Diana Garcia v. Ed Garcia18FL002537Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Diana GarciaEd Garcia
Donald Imwalle, Jr. v. Lucy Imwalle18FL002547Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Donald Imwalle, Jr.Lucy Imwalle
Linda Mamola v. William Mamola18FL002651Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Linda MamolaWilliam Mamola
Romain Clement v. Claire Clement18FL002704Santa Clara CountyKathleen Mckenna650.343.6400Romain ClementClaire Clement
Lori Ghan v. Jeffrey Ghan18FL002706Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Lori GhanJeffrey Ghan
Paul Brady v. Kim Brady18FL003051Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Paul BradyKim Brady
Jacqueline Copeland-Carson v. Emmett Carson18FL003093Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jacqueline Copeland-CarsonEmmett Carson
Addy Squarer v. James Beninghaus18FL003137Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Addy SquarerJames Beninghaus
Robin Fox v. Robert Fox18FL003273Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Robin FoxRobert Fox
Michael Bourquin v. Terese McNamee18FL003298Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Michael BourquinTerese McNamee
Anthony Herrera v. Amy Herrera18FL003309Santa Clara CountyAndrew K. Calvert408.258.3250Anthony HerreraAmy Herrera
Lynn Phan v. Nao Phan18FL003324Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Lynn PhanNao Phan
Kimberly Khalid v. Usman Khalid18FL003325Santa Clara CountyMarjorie A. Slabach888.501.3062Kimberly KhalidUsman Khalid
Melissa Bouchard v. Eric Tsou18FL003433Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Melissa BouchardEric Tsou
Adeel Manzoor v. Maria Adeel18FL003468Santa Clara CountyJohn P. McCall415.785.7881Adeel ManzoorMaria Adeel
Colan Ma v. Ping Wang18FL003504Santa Clara CountyMarjorie A. Slabach888.501.3062Colan MaPing Wang
Marci Maida v. Michael Maida18FL003609Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Marci MaidaMichael Maida
Vicky Kaiser v. William Kaiser18FL003643Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650-364-6900Vicky KaiserWilliam Kaiser
Olga Vilenski v. David Tingey18FL003796Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Olga VilenskiDavid Tingey
Youn Yi v. Bonggi Moon18FL003806Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Youn YiBonggi Moon
Fu He v. Na Yang18FL003848Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Fu HeNa Yang
Mary Vellequette v. David Vellequette18FL003850Santa Clara CountyClifford Ross Chernick650.327.5570Mary VellequetteDavid Vellequette
Lien Le v. Tuyen Nguyen18FL003926Santa Clara CountyAndrew K. Calvert408.258.3250Lien LeTuyen Nguyen
Fabienne Furcatte v. Eric Furcatte18FL004048Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Fabienne FurcatteEric Furcatte
Andrei Akaikine v. Irina Starikova18FL004125Santa Clara CountyRichard P. Roggia408.297.8261Andrei AkaikineIrina Starikova
Lars Ahntholz v. Brenda Ahntholz18FL004173Santa Clara CountyJoshua Weinstein415.772.0900Lars AhntholzBrenda Ahntholz
Cecil Craig v. Julia Woods18FL004427Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Cecil CraigJulia Woods
Wendy Toda v. John Toda18FL004456Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Wendy TodaJohn Toda
Z. Lee Pelayo v. Rodolfo Pelayo, Jr.18FL004508Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Z. Lee PelayoRodolfo Pelayo, Jr.
Srivatsa Sharma v. Nanditaa Kesari18FL004594Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Srivatsa SharmaNanditaa Kesari
Kelly Knowles v. Jonathan Knowles18FL004630Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Kelly KnowlesJonathan Knowles
Junius Kauinana v. Kim Dung T. Pham18FL004646Santa Clara CountyClifford Ross Chernick650.327.5570Junius KauinanaKim Dung T. Pham
John Kuo v. Janie Kuo18FL004801Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225John KuoJanie Kuo
James Fisk v. Frances Fisk18PDFL01069Los Angeles CountyWoodcock, William Jr.Self EmployedJames FiskPro SeFrances FiskPro Se07/09/28Weintraub, Debre Katz
Julia Breitman v. Reid Breitman18STFL00737Los Angeles CountyGoldberg, Hank M. (Ret.)Signature Resolution, 633 W 5th Street, Suite 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90071$850Julia BreitmanArthur H. Barens, Esq.Reid BreitmanLisa Meyer, Esq.; Marie A. Lamolinara, Esq.; Stacy Phillips, Esq.Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLP11/28/18
Jeff Roody Bertwell v. Eleanor Mask Bertwell18STFL03958Los Angeles CountyWoodcock, William Jr.Self EmployedJeff Roody BertwellPro SeEleanor Mask BertwellPro Se01/04/19Jessner, Samantha P.
Brandi Garnett v. Kevin M. Garnett18STFL08458Los Angeles CountyWoodcock, William Jr.Self EmployedBrandi GarnettDan Jaffee, Esq.; Bruce Clemens, Esq.Jaffe & ClemensKevin M. GarnettJoseph Mannis, Esq.Hersh Mannis LLP04/05/19
Katherine E. Mast v. H. Damian Elahi18STFL09792Los Angeles CountyWoodcock, William Jr.Self Employed$700Katherine E. MastH. Damian Elahi01/14/19Jessner, Samantha P.
Roy M. Pineci v. Natalie S. Pineci18STFL12796Los Angeles CountyClemens, Keith (Ret.)ARCRoy M. PineciAnthony Storm, Esq.Natalie S. PineciPro Se07/10/05
Catherine Sellman v. Pietro Martini18STFL12835Los Angeles CountyCohen, IsabelSelf EmployedCatherine SellmanPro SePietro MartiniPro Se11/02/18
Jennifer Kasle Furmaniak v. Benjamin Thomas Furmaniak18STFL13234Los Angeles CountyCohen, IsabelSelf EmployedJennifer Kasle FurmaniakPro SeBenjamin Thomas FurmaniakPro Se11/09/18
Joseph Lima v. Linda Lima (Limited appt)1996-1-FL-060713Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Joseph LimaLinda Lima (Limited appt)
Lawrence Steinman v. Hana Steinman1998-1-FL-075522Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Lawrence SteinmanHana Steinman
Juan Carlos Cadena v. Jeannette Ruiz19CP000749Santa Clara CountyPaul Seabrook408.879.9039Juan Carlos CadenaJeannette Ruiz
Susan Mogensen v. Christopher Mogensen19FL000006Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Susan MogensenChristopher Mogensen
Jeffrey Ridley v. Diane Ridley19FL000056Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Jeffrey RidleyDiane Ridley
Philip Schreur v. Jeffery Judd19FL000060Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Philip SchreurJeffery Judd
Andrea Paap v. Ruslin Paap19FL000082Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298-1585Andrea PaapRuslin Paap
Karen Majors v. Mark Majors19FL000141Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Karen MajorsMark Majors
Ann Wieczorek v. Paul Wieczorek19FL000197Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Ann WieczorekPaul Wieczorek
Trang Nguyen v. Phong Trinh19FL000201Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Trang NguyenPhong Trinh
Martha Alzugaray v. Sean Midyett19FL000221Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Martha AlzugaraySean Midyett
Pearly Ayson v. Ramil Francisco19FL000223Santa Clara CountyStanley L. Bartelmie408.298.1585Pearly AysonRamil Francisco
Edwina Leung v. Dennis Wan19FL000253Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Edwina LeungDennis Wan
Melissa Williams v. Dominic Williams19FL000381Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Melissa WilliamsDominic Williams
David Fitch v. Ami Fitch19STFL00218Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature ResolutionDavid FitchAmi Fitch05/20/21
Goeff Fischer v. Sterling Campbell Fischer19STFL04568Los Angeles CountyClemens, Keith (Ret.)Self EmployedGoeff FischerAlan Dean Shifman, Esq.Sterling Campbell FischerRosaline Zuckerman, Esq.07/03/19
Karen M. Miles v. Curt A. Miles19STFL08238Los Angeles CountyAviva, BobbARC, 1875 Century Park East, Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90067Karen M. MilesTerry Levich Ross, Esq.Curt A. MilesKristina Royce-Grotzinger, Esq.Blank Rome, LLP04/21/21
Dorothy M. Rosenthal v. Donald M. Rosenthal2001-1-FL-100012Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Dorothy M. RosenthalDonald M. Rosenthal
Charles Griggs v. Katherine Griggs2001-1-FL-100747Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Charles GriggsKatherine Griggs
GeneCaselli v. Ronald Caselli2001-1-FL-101193Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920GeneCaselliRonald Caselli
Barbara Cervantes v. Armando Cervantes2002-1-FL-108176Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Barbara CervantesArmando Cervantes
Nancy A. Lai v. Calbert K.h. Lai2002-1-FL-109399Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Nancy A. LaiCalbert K.h. Lai
Vicki Wagner v. Dennis Wagner2004-1-FL-118129Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Vicki WagnerDennis Wagner
Katherine Ritchey v. Thomas Ritchey2004-1-FL-122825Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Katherine RitcheyThomas Ritchey
Alan Wootton v. Oxana Wootton Limited appt)2004-1-FL-123474Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Alan WoottonOxana Wootton Limited appt)
David B. Mahal v. Christy M. Wyatt2005-1-FL-125808Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717David B. MahalChristy M. Wyatt
Jennifer Cooper v. Ted Cooper2005-1-FL-127117Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Jennifer CooperTed Cooper
Albina Alvarado v. Cosme Alvarado2005-1-FL-127960Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Albina AlvaradoCosme Alvarado
Debra Milner v. Mark Gorenberg2005-1-FL-128273Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Debra MilnerMark Gorenberg
Monica G. Read v. Gary T. Read2005-1-FL-129072Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Monica G. ReadGary T. Read
Lenora Erblich v. Mitchell Erblich2005-1-FL-129952Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Lenora ErblichMitchell Erblich
Hye Kim v. Dennis Kim2006-1-FL-135483Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Hye KimDennis Kim
Graham Gudgin v. Frances Gudgin2006-1-FL-136142Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Graham GudginFrances Gudgin
Timothy Fast v. Michele Fast2007-1-FL-137526Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Timothy FastMichele Fast
Kimberly McNeely v. DavidMcNeely2007-1-FL-142479Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Kimberly McNeelyDavidMcNeely
Noreen Raza v. Saihed Raza2007-1-FL-142967Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Noreen RazaSaihed Raza
Pierre L. Patino v. Hilary F. Beech2008-1-FL-145929Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Pierre L. PatinoHilary F. Beech
Annette Wong v. Andy Wong2008-1-FL-146491Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Annette WongAndy Wong
Adam Simms v. Denise Simms2008-6-FL-001291Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Adam SimmsDenise Simms
Salvatore Calisi v. Elizabeth Calisi2009-5-FL-000327Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Salvatore CalisiElizabeth Calisi
Aubyn Korol v. Stephen Korol2009-6-FL-001975Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Aubyn KorolStephen Korol
Manishkumar Ankola v. Roopa Ankola2009-6-FL-002059Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Manishkumar AnkolaRoopa Ankola
Shanhari Sivagnanasundaram v. Robert Williams2009-6-FL-002549Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Shanhari SivagnanasundaramRobert Williams
Angelique Gaeta v. Jeffrey Nedrow2010-1-FL-154270Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Angelique GaetaJeffrey Nedrow
Nirit G. Peer v. Gyora Peer2010-1-FL-154452Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Nirit G. PeerGyora Peer
Mark Arnold v. Lisa Arnold2010-1-FL-155620Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Mark ArnoldLisa Arnold
Kamal Sud v. Sadhna Sud2010-6-FL-003662Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kamal SudSadhna Sud
Yeo Lee v. Hee Lee2010-6-FL-005204Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Yeo LeeHee Lee
Kent Cooper v. Lisa Cooper2011-1-FL-159600Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Kent CooperLisa Cooper
Sandra Olson v. Michael Cole2011-1-FL-159663Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sandra OlsonMichael Cole
Bryan McDonald v. Catherine Giacomini-McDonald2011-1-FL-159996Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Bryan McDonaldCatherine Giacomini-McDonald
David Jagoda v. Sabina Jagoda2011-6-FL-005543Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865David JagodaSabina Jagoda
Diane Forese v. Andrew Page2011-6-FL-005613Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Diane ForeseAndrew Page
Edward Steakley v. Sandra Steakley2011-6-FL-005718Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Edward SteakleySandra Steakley
Evelyn Chapin v. Charles Chapin2011-6-FL-005790Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Evelyn ChapinCharles Chapin
Kenneth DeLeon v. Megan DeLeon2011-6-FL-006167Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650-364-6900Kenneth DeLeonMegan DeLeon
Loraine M. Fox v. Michael E. Fox2011-6-FL-006304Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Loraine M. FoxMichael E. Fox
Arlene Pao v. Yi-Ching Pao2011-6-FL-006314Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Arlene PaoYi-Ching Pao
Timothy Kay v. Stephanie Kay2011-6-FL-006484Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Timothy KayStephanie Kay
Laurann Putnam v. Robert Putnam2011-6-FL-006526Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Laurann PutnamRobert Putnam
Elizabeth Minno v. Derek Minno2011-6-FL-006786Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Elizabeth MinnoDerek Minno
Irene Reed v. George Reed2011-6-FL-006804Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650.364.6900Irene ReedGeorge Reed
Karen L. Westly v. Dean R. Westly2011-6-FL-006886Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Karen L. WestlyDean R. Westly
Loraine M. Fox v. Michael E. Fox2011-6-FL006304Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Loraine M. FoxMichael E. Fox
Thuy DeVincent v. Mark DeVincent2012-1-FL-160522Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Thuy DeVincentMark DeVincent
Deborah Scrivens v. Larry Scrivens2012-1-FL-162891Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Deborah ScrivensLarry Scrivens
Dona Norton v. Robert Norton2012-1-FL-162971Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Dona NortonRobert Norton
Jeffrey Prince v. Sherri Prince2012-1-FL-163041Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Jeffrey PrinceSherri Prince
Troy Carson v. Jennifer Carson2012-5-FL-001507Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Troy CarsonJennifer Carson
Alisa La Liberte v. John Ferrell2012-6-FL-007548Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650-364-6900Alisa La LiberteJohn Ferrell
Monica Giacomini v. Vincent Giacomini2012-6-FL-007718Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Monica GiacominiVincent Giacomini
Elizabeth Laufman v. James Laufman2012-6-FL-007763Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Elizabeth LaufmanJames Laufman
Vahideh Hashemi v. Abolazl Khosrowbeygi2012-6-FL-007902Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Vahideh HashemiAbolazl Khosrowbeygi
Tamara Misle v. Howard Misle2012-6-FL-008086Santa Clara CountyIrwin Joseph831.588.6771Tamara MisleHoward Misle
Barrett Saik v. Dawn Saik2012-6-FL-008527Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Barrett SaikDawn Saik
Edward Heyl v. Tammy Heyl2012-6-FL-008844Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Edward HeylTammy Heyl
Diana Sanchez v. Daniel Sanchez2012-6-FL-009079Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Diana SanchezDaniel Sanchez
Kay Hatfield v. Dennis Hatfield2012-6-FL-009095Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kay HatfieldDennis Hatfield
Ann Warmoth v. Jeff Warmoth2012-6-FL-009266Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Ann WarmothJeff Warmoth
Erik Marth v. Mary Marth2012-6-FL-009459Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650.364.6900Erik MarthMary Marth
James A. Phills, Jr. v. Deborah H. Gruenfeld2012-6-FL-009469Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717James A. Phills, Jr.Deborah H. Gruenfeld
Ariadne Glyptis v. Mark Glyptis2013-1-FL-163779Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ariadne GlyptisMark Glyptis
Chin Chow v. TheodoreChow2013-1-FL-163802Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Chin ChowTheodoreChow
Lopa Masrani v. Sandeep Masrani2013-1-FL-163947Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Lopa MasraniSandeep Masrani
Erika Olson v. Eric Olson2013-1-FL-164041Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Erika OlsonEric Olson
Kary Heller v. David Heller2013-1-FL-165072Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kary HellerDavid Heller
Palle Jensen v. Liza M. Jensen2013-1-FL-165271Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Palle JensenLiza M. Jensen
Stephanie Liu v. Etienne Liu2013-1-FL-165297Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Stephanie LiuEtienne Liu
Eric Pederson v. Lynne Pederson2013-1-FL-165561Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Eric PedersonLynne Pederson
Parisa Bozorghadad v. Ali Bozorghadad2013-1-FL-165940Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Parisa BozorghadadAli Bozorghadad
Kelly Bennett v. Kevin Bennett2013-1-FL-166147Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kelly BennettKevin Bennett
Marita Zweifler v. George Zweifler2013-1-FL-166206Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Marita ZweiflerGeorge Zweifler
Melanie Lara v. Olegario J. Lara2013-1-FL-166911Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Melanie LaraOlegario J. Lara
Gregory Peterson v. Theresa Peterson2013-5-FL-001694Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Gregory PetersonTheresa Peterson
Christine Costa v. Thierry Costa2013-6-FL-010246Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650.364.6900Christine CostaThierry Costa
Sharon Kachadoorian v. Maurice Thomas2013-6-FL-010280Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sharon KachadoorianMaurice Thomas
Mehran Sadri v. Ali Farhang2013-6-FL-010592Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Mehran SadriAli Farhang
Carl M. Berner v. Karen A. Berner2013-6-FL-010700Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Carl M. BernerKaren A. Berner
Debora C. Hinds v. Leonard D. Hinds2013-6-FL-011020Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Debora C. HindsLeonard D. Hinds
Jana Emerson v. Jonathan Emerson2013-6-FL-011147Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jana EmersonJonathan Emerson
Atul Wokhlu v. Priya Saraf2013-6-FL-011416Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Atul WokhluPriya Saraf
Jana Rosar v. David Weeks2013-6-FL-011472Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jana RosarDavid Weeks
Deirdre Hegarty v. Dermot Hegarty2013-6-FL-011514Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Deirdre HegartyDermot Hegarty
Pamela Raffin v. Thomas Raffin2013-6-FL-011578Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Pamela RaffinThomas Raffin
Jenifer Foulkes v. David Foulkes2013-6-FL-011637Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Jenifer FoulkesDavid Foulkes
Roussana Nazari v. Hormoz Nazari2013-6-FL-011671Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Roussana NazariHormoz Nazari
Arthur Romero v. Elizabeth Romero2014-1-FL-167118Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Arthur RomeroElizabeth Romero
Adewumni Hassan v. Angela Hassan2014-1-FL-167323Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Adewumni HassanAngela Hassan
Sindhu Mathew v. Tito Thomas2014-1-FL-167645Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sindhu MathewTito Thomas
Ellen Regan v. John Regan2014-1-FL-168245Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ellen ReganJohn Regan
Serdar Uckun v. Jo A. Fahnestock2014-1-FL-168436Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Serdar UckunJo A. Fahnestock
Socorro Sweet v. Carl Sweet2014-1-FL-168466Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Socorro SweetCarl Sweet
Clifton Clarke v. Kathleen Clarke2014-1-FL-168501Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Clifton ClarkeKathleen Clarke
Monika Salquist v. Mark Salquist2014-1-FL-168505Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Monika SalquistMark Salquist
Deborah Erba v. Mark Bregman2014-1-FL-168514Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Deborah ErbaMark Bregman
Ross Shuman v. Alla Shuman2014-1-FL-168601Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ross ShumanAlla Shuman
Mahipreet Jral v. Sukhchandan Jral2014-1-FL-168604Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Mahipreet JralSukhchandan Jral
Eileen Perkins v. William Perkins2014-1-FL-169075Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349-9920Eileen PerkinsWilliam Perkins
Pamela Farrington v. Daniel Jepson2014-1-FL-169118Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Pamela FarringtonDaniel Jepson
Tuyen Bui v. Michael Do2014-1-FL-169145Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Tuyen BuiMichael Do
Ninh Le v. Xuan Mai2014-1-FL-169282Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ninh LeXuan Mai
Darlene Burch v. Sean Burch2014-5-FL-002166Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861Darlene BurchSean Burch
Nicole M. Loeser v. Dan Loeser2014-5-FL-002219Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Nicole M. LoeserDan Loeser
Laura Rodriguez v. Mark Rodriguez2014-5-FL-002333Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Laura RodriguezMark Rodriguez
Kathy Grattan v. Bruce Grattan2014-5-FL-002469Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kathy GrattanBruce Grattan
SZ v. WP2014-6-CP-001463Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.212.7861SZWP
Juliana Shah v. Mihir Shah2014-6-FL-011890Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Juliana ShahMihir Shah
Mario Rogers v. Patricia Maginniss2014-6-FL-011940Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Mario RogersPatricia Maginniss
Lisa Naderzad v. Faramarz Naderzad2014-6-FL-011980Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Lisa NaderzadFaramarz Naderzad
Lynn K. Duc v. Daniel Duc2014-6-FL-012045Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Lynn K. DucDaniel Duc
Luis Maya v. Maria Puerto2014-6-FL-012059Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Luis MayaMaria Puerto
Michael Rosendin v. Stella Rosendin2014-6-FL-012203Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Michael RosendinStella Rosendin
Julie Armi v. Gregory Armi2014-6-FL-012285Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Julie ArmiGregory Armi
Robert Kruse v. Nicole Kruse2014-6-FL-012673Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Robert KruseNicole Kruse
Anchal Deep v. Raman Arora2014-6-FL-012686Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Anchal DeepRaman Arora
Ann Goldie v. Daniel Goldie2014-6-FL-012762Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ann GoldieDaniel Goldie
Edward Leone v. Dawn Leone2014-6-FL-012914Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Edward LeoneDawn Leone
Susan Price v. Peter Milner2014-6-FL-013119Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Susan PricePeter Milner
Christine Ressa v. David Ressa2014-6-FL-013135Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Christine RessaDavid Ressa
Danny Leung v. Ianthe Leung2014-6-FL-013166Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Danny LeungIanthe Leung
Bindu John v. Renny John2014-6-FL-013190Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Bindu JohnRenny John
Prashant Mehta v. Rupali Mehta2014-6-FL-013220Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Prashant MehtaRupali Mehta
Richard Ogawa v. Suzanne Ogawa2014-6-FL-013345Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Richard OgawaSuzanne Ogawa
Stanley Ng v. Tammy Ng2014-6-FL-013398Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Stanley NgTammy Ng
Jeannie Son-Bell v. Mark Son-Bell2014-6-FL-013422Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jeannie Son-BellMark Son-Bell
Susanne Ray v. Christopher Ray2014-6-FL-013510Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Susanne RayChristopher Ray
Alexandra Mayer v. Daniel Druker2014-6-FL-013585Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Alexandra MayerDaniel Druker
Panumas Saemai v. Tony Saemai2014-6-FL-013638Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Panumas SaemaiTony Saemai
Sherry A. Mengerink v. Matthew W. Mengerink2015-1-FL-170068Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Sherry A. MengerinkMatthew W. Mengerink
Eric Bettencourt v. Christa Bettencourt2015-1-FL-170134Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Eric BettencourtChrista Bettencourt
Suraj Kurapati v. Pushparani Venigalla2015-1-FL-170301Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Suraj KurapatiPushparani Venigalla
Maira Ali v. Amjad Ali2015-1-FL-170303Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Maira AliAmjad Ali
Carl Mitchell v. Patrice Mitchell2015-1-FL-170471Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Carl MitchellPatrice Mitchell
Agnes Casper v. Scott Casper2015-1-FL-170496Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Agnes CasperScott Casper
Steve Light v. Valeri Light2015-1-FL-170771Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Steve LightValeri Light
Iva Amiri v. Max Amiri2015-1-FL-170868Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Iva AmiriMax Amiri
Jeri Barnes v. Douglas Barnes2015-1-FL-170964Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Jeri BarnesDouglas Barnes
Eric Bettencourt v. Christa Bettencourt2015-1-FL-171034Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Eric BettencourtChrista Bettencourt
Bradley Pettit v. Donna R. Pettit2015-1-FL-171121Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Bradley PettitDonna R. Pettit
Adriana Plut v. Ian Plut2015-1-FL-171254Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Adriana PlutIan Plut
Mary Gourlay v. Douglas Gourlay2015-1-FL-171257Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650.364.6900Mary GourlayDouglas Gourlay
Sergio Gonzalez v. Rosa Garcia-Gonzalez2015-1-FL-171296Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sergio GonzalezRosa Garcia-Gonzalez
Easwar Sankar v. Akhila Purushothaman2015-1-FL-171339Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Easwar SankarAkhila Purushothaman
Patrick Gainer v. Fen Tsao2015-1-FL-171535Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Patrick GainerFen Tsao
Eldin v. Elhelw2015-1-FL-171548Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865EldinElhelw
Ann Feron-Ohlund v. Kent Ohlund2015-1-FL-171572Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ann Feron-OhlundKent Ohlund
Jennifer Riva-Kirk v. Vernon Kirk2015-1-FL-171792Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Jennifer Riva-KirkVernon Kirk
Bonnie Blackwell v. Joe Guerra2015-1-FL-171805Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Bonnie BlackwellJoe Guerra
Hoang Bui v. Nguyen Ky2015-1-FL-171920Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Hoang BuiNguyen Ky
Yuetchin Hoi v. Min-hui Ku2015-1-FL-172145Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Yuetchin HoiMin-hui Ku
Vittal Balasubramanian v. Sandya Sahasranam2015-1-FL-172220Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Vittal BalasubramanianSandya Sahasranam
Jing Sang v. Shi-Ben Xing2015-1-FL-172289Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jing SangShi-Ben Xing
Anahi Hernandez v. Jimmy Hernandez2015-1-FL-172533Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Anahi HernandezJimmy Hernandez
Radesh K. Sharma v. Vaishali Vashisht2015-1-FL-172750Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Radesh K. SharmaVaishali Vashisht
Gina Molyneaux v. Trevor Molyneau2015-5-FL-002630Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Gina MolyneauxTrevor Molyneau
Kari D’Amico v. John D’Amico2015-5-FL-002755Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kari D’AmicoJohn D’Amico
Jill Robinson v. Ronald Robinson2015-5-FL-002758Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jill RobinsonRonald Robinson
Kathie Schmit v. Michael Rugani2015-5-FL-002809Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Kathie SchmitMichael Rugani
Lourdes Camarillo v. Jose Naverrete2015-6-FL-013918Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Lourdes CamarilloJose Naverrete
Carol Milstein v. Harold Milstein2015-6-FL-013939Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Carol MilsteinHarold Milstein
Tera Reddy v. Malathi Nukala2015-6-FL-013956Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Tera ReddyMalathi Nukala
Nikhil Shirahatti v. Akshatha Pandith2015-6-FL-014036Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Nikhil ShirahattiAkshatha Pandith
Patrice Darisme v. Princesca Ene2015-6-FL-014081Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Patrice DarismePrincesca Ene
Sonia Packer v. Chris Packer2015-6-FL-014098Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sonia PackerChris Packer
Sar Hsu v. Chien Hus2015-6-FL-014119Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sar HsuChien Hus
Rafael Medina v. Mechaella Medina2015-6-FL-014129Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Rafael MedinaMechaella Medina
Anne Wojcicki v. Sergey Brin2015-6-FL-014237Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Anne WojcickiSergey Brin
Stephen Venuti v. Kristin Venuti2015-6-FL-014276Santa Clara CountyMichael P. Smith408.298.4500Stephen VenutiKristin Venuti
Sepideh Ghassemian v. Hassan Yaghoobi2015-6-FL-014280Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Sepideh GhassemianHassan Yaghoobi
Meiying Peng v. Albert Tam2015-6-FL-014410Santa Clara CountySusan Vicklund Wilson408.779.4888Meiying PengAlbert Tam
Fariba Farshchian v. Mehran Moalem2015-6-FL-014413Santa Clara CountyNeville K. Spadafore408.292.1717Fariba FarshchianMehran Moalem
Thomas Kloetzli v. Yana Kloetzli2015-6-FL-014416Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Thomas KloetzliYana Kloetzli
Doris Schechter v. Samuel Schechter2015-6-FL-014505Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.799.3225Doris SchechterSamuel Schechter
Edward Disho v. Jaclyn Skull2015-6-FL-014521Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Edward DishoJaclyn Skull
Ale Gicqueau v. Alina Gicqueau2015-6-FL-014542Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ale GicqueauAlina Gicqueau
Brian Cabrera v. Xochitl Cabrera2015-6-FL-014547Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Brian CabreraXochitl Cabrera
Bella Scott v. Andrew Scott2015-6-FL-014666Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Bella ScottAndrew Scott
Lois Fariello v. Frank Fariello2015-6-FL-014668Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Lois FarielloFrank Fariello
Lisa Sipko v. Robert Sipko2015-6-FL-014686Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650.364.6900Lisa SipkoRobert Sipko
Grant Buckman v. Jenna Patton2015-6-FL-014696Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Grant BuckmanJenna Patton
Badreddin Edris v. Nadine M. Abousalem2015-6-FL-014784Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Badreddin EdrisNadine M. Abousalem
Naval Verma v. Sridevi Parise2015-6-FL-014850Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Naval VermaSridevi Parise
Vijay Pande v. Elizabeth Stephens-Pande2015-6-FL-015006Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650.364.6900Vijay PandeElizabeth Stephens-Pande
Chuliang Yu v. Yimei Zhang2015-6-FL-015070Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Chuliang YuYimei Zhang
Harini Raghavan v. Arvind Ayyangar2015-6-FL-015157Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Harini RaghavanArvind Ayyangar
Jennifer Eriksson v. Henrik Eriksson2015-6-FL-015227Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Jennifer ErikssonHenrik Eriksson
William Phelps v. Diane Meier2015-6-FL-015276Santa Clara CountyDennis J. Durkin650-364-6900William PhelpsDiane Meier
Pamela Marino v. Jess Marino2015-6-FL-015282Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Pamela MarinoJess Marino
Wolf Witt v. Eunyong Ryu2015-6-FL-015376Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Wolf WittEunyong Ryu
Robert Holdheim v. Shafalika Saxena2015-6-FL-015441Santa Clara CountyRichard C. Berra650.349.9920Robert HoldheimShafalika Saxena
Haleh Motaghi v. Shahram Davari2015-6-FL-015463Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Haleh MotaghiShahram Davari
Robert Delgado v. Heidi Delgado2015-6-FL-015474Santa Clara CountyEdward Mills408.752.2225Robert DelgadoHeidi Delgado
Ram Rajagopal v. Thais Sakuma Rajagopal2015-6-FL-015659Santa Clara CountyJames F. Cox408.666.1865Ram RajagopalThais Sakuma Rajagopal
Jennifer Won v. Rodrigo Mukudi20STFL03112Los Angeles CountyClemens, Keith (Ret.)Self EmployedJennifer WonRodrigo Mukudi
Andrew Weber v. Camille Schoenberg20STFL07553Los Angeles CountyCohen, IsabelSelf EmployedAndrew WeberPro SeCamille SchoenbergPro Se10/09/20
Rebecca Isaacs v. Vanessa R. Schwartz20STFL11677Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature Resolution, 2049 Century Park East, Suite 620Rebecca IsaacsNo attorneys; stip in folder on 1/18Vanessa R. Schwartz11/23/20
Candice P. Rosen v. Steven T. Rosen20STFL11678Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature ResolutionCandice P. RosenPro SeSteven T. Rosen05/14/21
Teri Witteman v. Anthony Witteman20STFL12328Los Angeles CountyClifford, KleinSignature Resolution, 633 W 5th Street, Suite 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90071Teri WittemanChristopher Melcher Esq.; Christina Djordjevich, Esq.Walzer Melcher LLPAnthony WittemanAnthony Witteman, Esq.07/13/21
Jonathan McAlees v. Karli McAlees21STFL00237Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature ResolutionJonathan McAleesKarli McAleesMary Lu, Esq.07/15/21
Thomas Rhee v. Vivian Rhee21STFL04314Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature Resolution, 2049 Century Park East, Suite 620Thomas RheeVivian Rhee12/03/21
Jitesh Patel v. Joshi Meera21STFL04550Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature Resolution, 2049 Century Park East, Suite 620Jitesh PatelJoshi Meera07/23/21
Michael Burkett v. Natasha Vanderhoof21STFL04847Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature Resolution, 2049 Century Park East, Suite 620Michael BurkettNatasha Vanderhoof07/01/21
Elisabetta Lapenna-huda v. Menhaj Huda21STFL14037Los Angeles CountyClemens, Keith (Ret.)Self EmployedElisabetta Lapenna-hudaPro SeMenhaj Huda01/11/22
Desiree Dacosta Underwood v. Blair Erwin Underwood21VEFL00958Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Comm.)Signature ResolutionDesiree Dacosta UnderwoodBlair Erwin Underwood09/01/21
Angus Mitchell v. Sian MitchellBD623803Los Angeles CountyKenneth Black (Ret.)Angus MitchellDana Lowy, Esq.; Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq.Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLPSian MitchellChristopher Melcher, Esq., Peter Walzer, Esq.Walzer Melcher LLP
Angus Mitchell v. Sian MitchellBD623803Los Angeles CountySonenshine, Sheila Prell (Ret. Justice)Jams, Inc.Angus MitchellDana Lowy, Esq.; Lisa Helfend Meyer, Esq.Meyer, Olson, Lowy & Meyers, LLPSian MitchellChristopher Melcher, Esq., Peter Walzer, Esq.Walzer Melcher LLP
Scott Steven v. BD632158Los Angeles CountyMelinda A. Johnson (Ret.)Jams, Inc.Scott StevenRichard Lloyd Chinen, Esq3/2/18
Fredrick Ravel Schwam v. Marie France-Levesque SchwamBD637960Los Angeles CountyMelinda A. Johnson (Ret.)Jams, Inc.Fredrick Ravel SchwamSchwartzMarie France-Levesque Schwam5/27/17
Maria Gaon v. Alexander GaonBD641435Los Angeles CountyMelinda A. Johnson (Ret.)Jams, Inc.Maria GaonLarry A. Ginsberg, Esq.; Nicole Vafeades, Esq.Harris Ginsberg LLPAlexander GaonRonald Neil Richards, Esq.; Jacques Tushinsky-Fox, Esq.Law Offices of Jt Fox, APC6/25/19
Maria Gaon v. Alexander GaonBD641435Los Angeles CountyMelinda A. Johnson (Ret.)Jams, Inc.Maria GaonAlexander Gaon10/16/20
Jonathan Sures v. Molly Isaksen SuresBD654613Los Angeles CountyMelinda A. Johnson (Ret.)Jams, Inc.Jonathan SuresStephen Lance Spiegel, Esq.Young, Spiegel & Hosp, LLPMolly Isaksen SuresLaura Allison Wasser, Esq.Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles, P.C.11/15/17
Jonathan Sures v. Molly Isaksen SuresBD654613Los Angeles CountyMelinda A. Johnson (Ret.)Jams, Inc.Jonathan SuresStephen Lance Spiegel, Esq.Young, Spiegel & Hosp, LLPMolly Isaksen SuresLaura Allison Wasser, Esq.Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles, P.C.7/28/17
Kevin Sullivan v. Colleen Sullivan FDI-06-761562San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Simborg and Killingsworth$550$10,000Kevin Sullivan Thellen LevyLaw Offices of Thellen Levy Colleen Sullivan Esther Lerner Lerner Poole LLP11/20/2012Patrick J. Mahoney
Kevin Sullivan v. Colleen Sullivan FDI-06-761562San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg Killingsworth$550$10,000Kevin Sullivan Thellen Levy Law Offices of Thellen Levy Colleen Sullivan Esther LernerLerner Poole LLP 3/16/2012Patrick J. Mahoney
Diane Wynne v. Ocker Jonathan M. OckerFDI-09-7690308San Francisco CountyMcCall, John P.Ried, McCall & Mason$500Diane WynneKathryn Kirkland, Esq.Ocker Jonathan M. OckerMindy Lauren Ross, Esq.04/02/09
Diane Wynne v. Jonathan M. Ocker FDI-09-769038San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall Riede, McCall, & Mason $500$10,000Diane WynneKathryn Kirkland Jonathan M. Ocker Mindy Lauren Ross4/29/2009Illegible
Marina Armstrong v. Bret ArmstrongFDI-09-769620San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$575Marina ArmstrongStephen Bruce Bley, and Richard RadosBley and BleyBret ArmstrongStephen B. Ruben, Esq.03/13/14Charlotte Walter Woolard
Marina Armstrong v. Bret ArmstrongFDI-09-769620San Francisco CountyMcCall, John P.McCall & McCall $5507,500Marina ArmstrongBley and Bley, Stephen Bruce Bley, and Richard RadosBley and BleyBret ArmstrongBrent D Seymour, Esq.; Suzie S Thorn, Esq., Shapiro & Thorn, Inc. 02/28/11Mahoney, Patrick J.
Michael J. Franti v. Tara L. Rye FDI-09-769881San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500Michael J. Franti Jennifer Jackson Tara L. Rye Pauline Tesler 8/27/20148/27/2014Linda Colfax
Lin Shiu Hung v. Steven Kwok FDI-10-771656San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Lin Shiu HungIllegibleSteven Kwok Illegible 12/5/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Lou Ann Mazzetti Harrington v. Marc W. HarringtonFDI-11-775540Los Angeles CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500Lou Ann Mazzetti HarringtonSarah Haselup, Esq.Heath Newton LLPMarc W. HarringtonAdam N. Gurley, Esq.11/20/12Mahoney, Patrick J.
Robert Harold Reed v. Lesley Augusta GuthFDI-12-776427Los Angeles CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500Robert Harold ReedStacey Poole, Esq.Lesley Augusta GuthAmy Paul, Esq.11/20/12
Scott Mataya v. Camille SamuelsFDI-12-777404San Francisco CountySherrol L. CassedyLaw Offices of Angela Steel $500$2,000Scott MatayaPro SeCamille SamuelsPro Se11/25/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Abigail Elizabeth Crocker Reagan v. Brian Patrick ReaganFDI-12-777415San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Abigail Elizabeth Crocker Reagan Nordin F. Blacker Brian Patrick ReaganLorie Nachlis 7/3/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Andrew Trader v. Marie Hurabiell FDI-12-777723San Francisco CountyMcCall, John P.McCall & McCall, LLP$575$10,000Andrew TraderCara E. Cupp, Esq.Marie Hurabiell Charles H. DeLacey, Esq.7/7/14Colfax, Linda
Shelley Harrison v. Jay O’Neil FDI-12-777897San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.TBDShelley Harrison Sarah Killingsworth, Erin DominguezJay O’Neil Mindy Ross, Janice Jentz 5/22/20145/22/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Michelle Ann Haslam v. Edward Paul Haslam FDI-13-778686San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500Michelle Ann Haslam Adam Gurley Edward Paul Haslam Sean Patrick Joyce 9/10/20149/10/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Jean Hebert v. Sandra HebertFDI-13-779020San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Jean HebertMichael C. TobrinerSandra HebertKatherine Shlaudeman 12/9/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Christi L. Baker v. Matthew McGrawFDI-13-779792San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Christi L. Baker Terry A. SzucskoMatthew McGrawPamela Canter11/18/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Jonathan Hutchinson v. Hannah Cheuk Ling Wong FDI-13-779889San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Jonathan Hutchinson William Parks, JR.Hannah Cheuk Ling Wong Pro SePro Se8/28/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
William H. Chang v. Kathryn E. Van Koughnett FDI-13-780366San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500William H. ChangPro SePro SeKathryn E. Van Koughnett Pro Se Pro Se 9/24/20149/24/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Matthew Adam Kurbat v. U-Wen Kok FDI-13-780413San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Matthew Adam Kurbat Heidi Li U-Wen Kok Adam Gurley (Legal Consultant) 10/17/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Frances Ann Catano v. Gilbert Roland Catano FDI-13-780416San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500Frances Ann Catano Nancy E. Lofdahl Gilbert Roland Catano Nancy G. Rubin 6/30/20146/30/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Andy Heller v. Stephany Maas Heller FDI-13-780625San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Andy Heller Lauren Greenberg Wanderman Stephany Maas Heller Jessica Metoyer 12/12/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Dawn M. Ruggeroli-Collins v. Aidan M. Collins FDI-13-780672San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Dawn M. Ruggeroli-Collins Mark K. Wurtzel Aidan M. Collins Pro Se7/11/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Howard L. Schrott v. Anne M. Martin FDI-14-780752San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Howard L. Schrott Regina M. FrancoAnne M. Martin Karine H. Cargo 11/3/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Bethany Bongiorno Conolly v. Walker Conolly FDI-14-781137San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Bethany Bongiorno Conolly Ariel Sosna Van Voorhis & Sosna LLP Walker Conolly Holly A. Schaitberger Hersh Family Law Practice, P.C. 10/23/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Dickson Y. Chew v. Wendy L. Leung a/k/a Shu Yi Liang FDI-14-781312San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachDickson Y. ChewEdward M. LiuWendy L. Leung a/k/a Shu Yi Liang Suzan Yee, Tsao-Wu, Chow & Yee LLP11/26/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Carol Garnett Elbert v. Miles M. Elbert FDI-14-781322San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.$500Carol Garnett Elbert Pro Se Pro SeMiles M. Elbert Pro Se Pro Se 9/30/20149/30/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Claudia G. Felson v. Victor R. Felson FDI-14-781471San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall McCall & McCall, LLP $575$10,000Claudia G. Felson Robert I. KligmanLaw Office of Robert I. KligmanVictor R. Felson Andrew Ross Whiting Fallon Ross & Abel LLP10/23/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Carrie Kellejian v. Arman KellejianFDI-14-781937San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Carrie KellejianPro SeArman KellejianPro Se8/29/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
David S. Pottruck v. Emily Scott PottruckFDI-14-782022San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg & KillingsworthDavid S. Pottruck Angela Steel Emily Scott PottruckMonica C. MazzeiSideman & Bancroft LLP8/13/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
John Gibson Verkuil v. Colette Reiner VerkuilFDI-14-782256San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500John Gibson Verkuil Pro SeColette Reiner VerkuilPro Se10/16/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Alexander C. Beckman v. Felice Gunawan BeckmanFDI-19-792126San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.Alexander C. Beckman Ellen Winick Stross, Rebecca C. Levin Berra Stross Wallacker & Mass Felice Gunawan BeckmanKatherine Shlaudeman9/9/20219/9/2021Monica F. Wiley
Stephan Owen Steele Hoyer v. Elena Jane Viboch FDI-21-795001San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.Stephan Owen Steele Hoyer Pro Se Pro SeElena Jane Viboch Pro SePro Se10/27/202110/27/2021
Jason E. Moment v. Jessica J. Moment FDI-21-795602San Francisco CountySlabach, Marjorie A.Self EmployedJason E. Moment Clifton J. LurkisJessica J. Moment Philip S. Silvestri 11/17/202111/17/2021Dennis J. Durkin; Monica F. Wiley
Joanne Hillard v. David HillardFL1903763Marin CountySimborg, MadeleineGreene Taubman Dias Chernus Simborg & Dominguez LLP$650.00Joanne HillardAlice A. Purdy, Esq.; Lewis Romero, Esq.David HillardMatthew Mani, Esq.03/02/21
Gary Charles Robb v. Karla MartinFDI-10-773158San Francisco CountyDiana E. Richmond $600$5,000Gary Charles RobbLori S. NachlisNachlis & FinkKarla MartinMelinda A. SammisBlacker, Sammis & Blacker11/2/2011Patrick J Mahoney
Gary Charles Robb v. Karla Martin FDI-10-773158San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Gary Charles Robb Lorie S. NachlisNachlis & FinkKarla Martin Melinda A. Sammis12/12/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Angela Cano v. Steven CanoFDI-14-781152San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg KillingsworthAngela Cano Jill Hersh, Gretchen RubelHersh Family Law Practice, P.C.Steven CanoCharles H. DeLaceyDeLacey Riebel Family Law Group, LLP12/17/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Lester Levy v. Mary TilburyFDI-14-781821San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Lester Levy Pro SeMary TilburyPro Se12/18/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Deborah Churton Aikins v. Douglas B. AikinsFDI-14-781696San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Deborah Churton Aikins Douglas Robin Douglas B. AikinsSteven G. Baird 12/23/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Margaret M. Walsh v. Jerry H. Langer FDI-14-781976San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Margaret M. Walsh David W. GreenthalJerry H. Langer Kevin A. Duffy12/24/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Eve Forbord Petrucci v. Cardenio Petrucci FDI-13-778764San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Eve Forbord Petrucci Louise SackleyCardenio Petrucci Angela M. Steel 12/29/2014Charlotte Walter Woolard
Erica S. DeSouza v. Francis A. DeSouzaFDI-12-778498San Francisco CountyRichard C. Berra $600$7,500Erica S. DeSouzaSamantha Bley DejeanFrancis A. DeSouzaVanessa HierbaumKaye, Moser, Hierbaum LLP1/21/2015Anne-Christine Massullo
W. Blake Baird v. Chandra L. BairdFDI-14-780837San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg Killingsworth$575$10,000W. Blake BairdLorie S. NachlisNachlis & Fink Chandra L. BairdAlexandra MussallemMaple & Mussallem LLP1/26/20158/29/2017Illegible
Stefan Matthew Wever v. Melinda Reine WeverFDI-11-774745San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Stefan Matthew WeverDavid W. Greenthal Melinda Reine WeverSandra M. Acevedo 2/24/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Ellen E. Parker v. Erick W. HjortsvangFDI-14-781222San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachEllen E. ParkerGretchen Rubel Erick W. HjortsvangCarol Salvagione2/25/20157/9/2021Anne Christine Massullo
Saleh Hassanein v. Faten HassaneinFDI-10-772868San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachSaleh HassaneinH. Nelson Meeks Faten HassaneinArati Vasan 3/4/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Divya Amarnath v. Kumara Guru Gowrappan FDI-14-781894San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Divya Amarnath Roseann TorresKumara Guru Gowrappan Pro Se3/12/2015Illegible
Shelby Drayton LaBadie v. Eric Shahn LaBadie FDI-14-781632San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Shelby Drayton LaBadieJessica Metoyer Eric Shahn LaBadie Lissa L. Rapoport 3/20/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Gregory George Ganji v. Suzie Hana YangFDI-15-783101San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500Gregory George Ganji Pro Se Suzie Hana YangPro Se3/25/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Kimberly Fergison v. Laurence John Fergison FDI-14-782549San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Kimberly Fergison Pro SeLaurence John Fergison Pro Se3/27/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Noma Adelman v. Craig H. Adelman FDI-15-782981San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Noma Adelman Pro SeCraig H. Adelman Pro Se6/5/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Rada Katz v. Oleg GladshteynFDI-12-777911San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach$500Rada Katz Carrol Collins Oleg GladshteynRoger Meredith 6/19/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Greg Neukirchner v. Melissa Powar FDI-15-783053San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachGreg Neukirchner Pro SeMelissa Powar Pro Se7/7/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Shiv Thiagarajan v. Payal Rashmikant VoraFDI-15-783192San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Shiv ThiagarajanWilliam Parks, Jr.Payal Rashmikant VoraPro Se7/7/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Ronald W. Yu v. Siegrid Sisin YuFDI-13-780424San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachRonald W. YuPro SeSiegrid Sisin YuPro Se7/7/2015Anne Christine Massullo
David William Parker v. Michelle Driggs ParkerFDI-14-782189San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachDavid William ParkerPro SeMichelle Driggs ParkerPro Se7/7/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Jana Munyon v. Thomas MunyonFDI-13-780330San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Jana Munyon Constantine Zhukovsky Thomas MunyonPro Se7/14/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Siegfried Ruppert v. Patricia Buse FDI-08-767688San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachSiegfried Ruppert William F. Johnson Patricia Buse Lorie S. Nachlis 7/20/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Michelle Furnanz v. George FurnanzFDI-12-782264San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg KillingsworthMichelle Furnanz Alexandra Mussallem George FurnanzMichelle Steigerwald 7/20/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Anne Marie Betancourt v. Frank Betancourt FDI-14-782011San Francisco CountyKathleen McKenna Viola Law Firm, P.C.$400$400Anne Marie Betancourt Michele Bissada Frank Betancourt Alan R. Silverman, Claudia B. Silverman7/20/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Keith Plymale v. Carol BuhrmannFDI-10-772190San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Keith Plymale Renee Marcelle Carol BuhrmannAriel Sosna 7/21/2015Anne Christine Massullo
William Scott Simon v. Ellen M. HaudeFDI-15-783330San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach $500William Scott SimonJill Hersh, Karine Cargo Ellen M. HaudeStacey Poole 7/31/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Barbera Brooks v. Henrik Jones FDI-13-779247San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Barbera Brooks Lawrence W. Thorpe, Gabrielle V. Thorpe Thorpe Law Henrik Jones Jill Hersh, Holly A. Schaitberger Hersh Family Law Practice 8/19/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Max Franklin Dama v. Feng Yan Wei FDI-14-781805San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Max Franklin Dama Barry Alan Schneider Feng Yan Wei Sarah Van Voorhis 8/21/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Isabelle Vivien-Pearce v. Tillman E. PearceFDI-12-777587San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Isabelle Vivien-Pearce Thomas Wolfrum Tillman E. PearceSarah Van Voorhis 8/25/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Sophia T Valatin Mathai v. Aji K. Mathai FDI-15-782959San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Sophia T Valatin MathaiPro SeAji K. Mathai Pro Se 8/27/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Jan McAdoo v. Gregory McAdoo FDI-15-784268San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg Killingsworth$575$10,000Jan McAdoo Belinda Hanson, Cecilia ChungGregory McAdoo Phil Silvestri9/10/2015Ann Christine Massullo
Shanna Preve v. David Matthew Lawson FDI-15-784139San Francisco CountyMarjorie Slabach Shanna Preve Pro Se David Matthew Lawson Pro Se9/10/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Mitzie Kelley v. Steve MonganFDI-11-775696San Francisco CountyGregory S. MapleMaple & Mussallem, LLPMitzie Kelley Andrea Palash Steve MonganKelly Robbins9/21/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Olivia Yuet-Shang Shum v. Yin Yan Shum FDI-09-769535San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachOlivia Yuet-Shang Shum Steven L. LauYin Yan Shum Christina Y. Chen9/21/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Melina Murray v. Michael MurrayFDI-14-781841San Francisco CountyKathleen McKennaViola Law Firm, P.C.$400$400Melina Murray Pro SeMichael MurrayPro Se 10/29/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Erin Rooney v. Caleb Langston FDI-15-784751San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachErin Rooney Pro SeCaleb Langston Pro Se 10/12/2016Anne Christine Massullo
Mary Frances Yates Fiechter v. Frederick Charles Fiechter IVFDI-15-784320San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $575$10,000Mary Frances Yates Fiechter Steven Stoltz Frederick Charles Fiechter IVWilliam F. Johnson, Nancy A. Nugent6/30/2016Anne Christine Massullo 0630
Tina A. Cervin v. David A. GavrichFDI-14-781990San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg Killingsworth$600$10,000Tina A. Cervin Jennifer Crum Hanson Crawford Crum Family Law GroupDavid A. GavrichSarah Van VoorhisVan Voorhis & Sosna LLP12/16/2016Anne Christine Massullo
Brian Madden v. Margaret Madden FDI-17-787118San Francisco CountyMarjorie SlabachBrian MaddenAlexandra MussallemMaple & Mussallem LLPMargaret Madden Lilah Sutphen, Holly SchaitbergerHersh Family Law Practice, P.C.3/28/2017Monica F. Wiley
Elias S. Hanna v. Jill Marten Hanna FDI-17-787377San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $575$10,000Elias S. Hanna Lowell H. Sucherman Jill Marten Hanna Michelle Steigerwald 6/16/2017Anne Christine Massullo
Alexandra Nukta v. Omar Nukta19STFL05990Los Angeles CountyTaylor, Gretchen (Ret. Commissioner Only)ARC, 1875 Century Park East, Suite 450, Los Angeles, CA 90067; Also 269 South Beverly Drive, Suite 1316, Beverly Hills, CA 90212; Contact 310-284-8224Alexandra NuktaPro SePro SeOmar NuktaPro SePro Se10/16/198/31/2020Lawrence Riff
Alexandra Nukta v. Omar Nukta19STFL05990Los Angeles CountyB. Scott Silver (Ret.) (Assigned as a Discovery Neutral)Alexandra NuktaLisa Helfend Meyer, Esq., Heather M. Patrick, Esq., Ryan D. Wedeking, Esq.Meyer Olson, Lowy & MeyerOmar NuktaGrace Jamra, Esq., Michael B. Hanasab, Esq.; Avi Levi, Esq; Trabolsi, Levy, Gabbard, LLP;Jamra & Jamra LLP Trabolsi, Levy, Gabbard, LLP;Scott Gordon (Retired) But is not a judge assigned to the case
Tiffany A. Wiederhorn v. Andrew A. WiederhornBD600290Los Angeles CountyThomas Trent Lewis (Ret. Supervising Judge of LASC)Signature Resolution, Inc.; Lewis Resolution Services, Inc. 530 New Los Angeles, Unit 115-359, Avenue, Moorpark, CA 93021 (CA SOS C4542564)Tiffany A. WiederhornAvi Levy, Esq.Trabolsi, Levy, Gabbard, LLPAndrew A. WiederhornGrace Jamra, Esq., Michael B. Hanasab, Esq.; Jamra Jamra LLPJamra & Jamra LLP1/15/20
Tiffany A. Wiederhorn v. Andrew A. WiederhornBD600290Los Angeles CountyJill S. Robins (Ret. Commissioner Only); 310-230-0074; Private Dispute Resolution, P O Box 1447, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272Tiffany A. WiederhornAndrew A. WiederhornGrace Jamra, Esq., Michael B. Hanasab, Esq.; Jamra Jamra LLPJamra & Jamra LLP6/23/14
Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom v. Gavin NewsomFDI-05-758015San Francisco CountyKimberly Guilfoyle NewsomMax Gutierrez, Esq.Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLPGavin NewsomMax Gutierrez, Esq.Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP1/19/2005
Nidhi R. Kalra v. David Ian Ferguson FDI-19-791832San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachNidhi R. Kalra Thomas Kenney David Ian Ferguson Jill Hersh 11/19/2020Monica F. Wiley
Carl Arnaud Creange v. Rebeca Guimaraes-CreangeFDI-20-793117San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Family First Legal Carl Arnaud Creange Mae AdkinsFamily First Legal Rebeca Guimaraes-CreangePro Se 12/4/2020Monica F. Wiley
Geoff Horne v. Sonya Worthy FDI-20-793506San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Geoff Horne (Mediator) Anne Mania (Mediator) Wald Law Group Sonya Worthy 12/21/2020Monica F. Wiley
David Odisho v. Natalie Odisho FDI-20-793701San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach David Odisho Pro Se Natalie Odisho Pro Se 4/5/2021Monica F. Wiley
Matthew S. Miller v. Maria N. Miller FDI-18-790579San Francisco CountyDavid Sutton David Sutton $470Matthew S. Miller Pro Se Maria N. Miller Pro Se 4/9/2021Monica F. Wiley
Klaus Oestermann v. Elizabeth Joy S. Oestermann FDI-18-790081San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Greene Taubman Dias Chernus Simborg & Dominguez LLPKlaus Oestermann Joshua M. Cutcher Berra Stross Wallacker & Mass Elizabeth Joy S. Oestermann Ashley Rodet Law Offices of Ashley Rodet 7/21/2021Monica F. Wiley
Joanna Moffatt v. Andrew MoffattFDI-20-793416San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Joanna Moffatt Paul F. Donsbach Next Legal Andrew MoffattEvelien VerpeetNovo Family Law Group7/29/2021Monica F. Wiley
Tai Thai v. Meikuan ThaiFDI-20-793426San Francisco CountyRichard C. Berra Berra Stross Wallacker & Mass Tai ThaiPro Se Meikuan ThaiPro Se 8/27/2020Monica F. Wiley
Simon Barber v. Julia Coffa FDI-18-790036San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Simon Barber Pro Se Julia Coffa Pro Se 9/15/2020Monica F. Wiley
Mary Ellen Kleinhenz v. Lawrence Tim Goodnough FDI-20-793648San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall Mary Ellen Kleinhenz George B. Richardson Lawrence Tim Goodnough Pauline H. Tesler 9/1/2020Monica F. Wiley
Edward Joseph Szylko v. Michelle Lynn Hansen FDI-19-791155San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg KillingsworthEdward Joseph Szylko Charles WebbWebb Family Law Michelle Lynn Hansen Randy RabidouxPierson Coats Palash & Paul, LLP 9/11/2020Monica F. Wiley
Megan Derguti v. Gezim Derguti FDI-20-793220San Francisco CountyStanley L. Bartelmie Megan Derguti Travis I. Krepelka Gezim Derguti Diana Romanovska 10/30/2020Monica F. Wiley
Abhishek Gaur v. Pooja Bansal FDI-19-791796San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Abhishek Gaur Swapna Anthoor Anthoor Law Group, APCPooja Bansal H. Nathan James Seifer, Murke, Despina, James & Teichman, ALC10/30/2020Monica F. Wiley
Katie Stowe v. Geoffrey Stowe FDI-20-793366San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Katie Stowe Leah McGowanRobin, Ferguson & Kempton, LLPGeoffrey Stowe Lauren A. BirnbaumLaw Office of Lauren A. Birnbaum11/17/2020Monica F. Wiley
Brittany Lamia v. Carlyn Lamia FDI-18-789064San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachBrittany Lamia Jenifer Frudden Carlyn Lamia Anne Mania 11/1/2019Monica F. Wiley
Joyce L. Young v. Vince D. Young FDI-19-791067San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Joyce L. Young Michael R. Strebe Vince D. Young Christopher Carin 11/7/2019Monica F. Wiley
Ingrid Ternynck v. Jerome TernynckFDI-18-790399San Francisco CountyMelinda Johnson Ingrid Ternynck Christine Tour-Sarkissian, Abigail M. MorrisTour-Sarkissian Law Offices, LLPJerome TernynckJoe Crawford, Cara Cupp Hanson, Crawford & Crum 3/20/2020Monica F. Wiley
Aniko Pasternak v. Kenneth PasternakFDI-20-793010San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachAniko PasternakPro SeKenneth PasternakPro Se5/18/2020Monica F. Wiley
James Kavanagh v. Carmel KavanaghFDI-19-791424San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Simborg KillingsworthJames KavanaghAshley RodetLaw Offices of Ashley RodetCarmel KavanaghAnne Mania The Wald Law Group5/29/2020Monica F. Wiley
Nikfar Ameen Khaleeli v. Kaiser Rustum Mulla-FerozeFDI-19-791421San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachNikfar Ameen Khaleeli Arusyak AbrahamyanKaiser Rustum Mulla-FerozeArvin C. Lugay 6/10/2020Monica F. Wiley
Jeffrey Holden v. Anne HoldenFDI-17-787137San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $600$7,500Jeffrey HoldenBruce Cooperman Anne HoldenBelinda Hanson8/28/2018Monica F. Wiley
Jeffrey Holden v. Anne Marie HoldenFDI-17-787137San Francisco CountyRoy Paul Jeffrey HoldenBruce Cooperman, Laura LandesmanWasser, Cooperman & Mandles, P.C.Anne Marie HoldenBelinda Hanson, Cecilia ChungHanson Crawford Crum Family Law Group, LLP8/3/2020Monica F. Wiley
Sonia Wadhawan v. Deepak ChughFDI-17-788257San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachSonia Wadhawan Terry A. Szucsko, CFLSLvovich & Szucsko, P.C. Deepak ChughJenifer Frudden7/3/2019Monica F. Wiley
James J. Nicholas v. Anna WeinbergFDI-17-787132San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg Killingsworth$600$10,000James J. Nicholas Ashley Rodet Law Offices of Ashley Rodet Anna WeinbergDebra R. SchoenbergSchoenberg Family Law Group, P.C.7/8/2019Monica F. Wiley
Philip Watt v. Dahvie James FDI-17-788599San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Philip Watt Christine Tour-Sarkissian, Abigail M. Morris Tour-Sarkissian Law Offices, LLP Dahvie James Pro Se 8/19/2019Monica F. Wiley
Elizabeth Burke Lewis v. Andrew Alan Lewis FDI-12-776729San Francisco CountyDennis J. Durkin Neutral Law Offices of Dennis J. Durkin $400$8,000Elizabeth Burke Lewis Lowell H. Sucherman, Janet B. Simmonds Andrew Alan Lewis Philip S. Silvestri 10/14/2019Monica F. Wiley
Mary Ann Mason v. Ross Mason FDI-18-790052San Francisco CountyDavid Sutton $550Mary Ann MasonPro Se Ross Mason Pro Se 12/4/2018Monica F. Wiley
Philip E. Leboit v. Karen Axelsson FDI-18-789331San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachPhilip E. Leboit Katherine Shlaudeman Law and Mediation Practice Karen Axelsson Pro Se12/6/2018Monica F. Wiley
Rhys Frederick Davis v. Emily Joy Cones-Browne FDI-17-788373San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Rhys Frederick Davis Layli M. Caborn Emily Joy Cones-Browne H. Nelson Meeks 12/13/2018Monica F. Wiley
Ann Alkire v. John R. Alkire FDI-18-790176San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $600$10,000Ann Alkire Robert Kligman John R. Alkire Esther Lerner2/28/2019Monica F. Wiley
Amin Saberi v. Azin Sahabi FDI-18-789891San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Amin Saberi Pro Se Azin Sahabi Pro Se3/12/2019Monica F. Wiley
Emily M. Brakebill v. Kenneth W. Brakebill FDI-18-790742San Francisco CountyMadeleine SimborgSimborg Killingsworth$600$10,000Emily M. Brakebill Monica Mazzei Sideman & Bancroft LLP Kenneth W. Brakebill Sarah Van Voorhis Van Voorhis & Sosna LLP 5/6/2019Monica F. Wiley
Alison Pincus v. Mark PincusFDI-17-787499San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Simborg Killingsworth $600Alison Pincus Philip S. SilvestriSilvestri, Silvestri & MialocqMark PincusEllen Stross Berra Stross Wallacker & Mass 9/26/2018Monica F. Wiley
David Stamm v. Elena Stamm FDI-18-789438San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach David Stamm Joseph Crawford, Gina CorteseHanson Crawford Crum Family Law Group Elena Stamm Adam W. Neufer, Svetlana Shirinova 10/11/2018Monica F. Wiley
Doug Camplejohn v. Janice Maloney FDI-17-788696San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Doug Camplejohn Pro Se Janice Maloney Pro Se 10/24/2018Monica F. Wiley
Melissa Stout v. Leonard Pryor FDI-15-784963San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $600Melissa Stout Lorie Nachlis Leonard Pryor Laurence P. Wilson 11/1/2018Monica F. Wiley
Robert P. Lawrence v. Eleanor H. Yancey FDI-16-785589San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Simborg Killingsworth $600$10,000Robert P. Lawrence Steven Stoltz Law Offices of Steven Stoltz Eleanor H. Yancey Sarah Van Voorhis Van Voorhis & Sosna LLP10/24/2017Anne Christine Massullo
Greg Hausler v. Suzanne Hausler FDI-18-789144San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Simborg Killingsworth $600$10,000Greg Hausler Monica Mazzei Sideman & Bancroft, LLP Suzanne Hausler Lilah Sutphen DeLacey, Riebel & Shindell, LLP 4/23/2018Monica F. Wiley
Xuan Yan v. Delphine KungFDI-17-787983San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Xuan Yan Steven L. LauLau & Lau Law Group Delphine KungKeith Lynch Law Office of Keith Lynch5/22/2018Monica F. Wiley
Laurie Thompson v. Rebecca Weill FDI-18-789105San Francisco CountyClifford Ross Chernick$900Laurie Thompson Pro Se Rebecca Weill Pro Se 6/13/2018Monica F. Wiley
Elizabeth Funk v. Steven Funk FDI-08-767854San Francisco CountyCharlotte W. Woolard $500Elizabeth Funk Anne Cochran Freeman Steven Funk Deborah WaldDavid A. Donner ***Attorney for the Minors Bennett Funk & Caroline Funk6/8/2018Monica F. Wiley
Elizabeth Funk v. Steven Funk FDI-08-767854San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $575$10,000Elizabeth Funk Anne Cochran FreemanSteven Funk Andrea Palash 7/14/2017Anne Christine Massullo
David Harrison-Rand v. Daniella Rand FDI-15-783918San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $575$10,000David Harrison-Rand Liat Sadler Daniella Rand William F. Johnson 8/22/2017Anne Christine Massullo
Shilpa Shashidhara v. Damitha Gunasekera FDI-16-785811San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Shilpa Shashidhara Pro Se Damitha Gunasekera Pro Se9/14/2017Monica F. Wiley
Thomas Tureen v. Erin Lehane FDI-17-787518San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $575$10,000Thomas Tureen Steven Stoltz Erin Lehane Lowell Sucherman 9/18/2017Monica F. Wiley
Scott J. Seligman v. Carol C. Seligman FMS-14-386565San Francisco CountyCharlotte Walter Woolard Scott J. Seligman Stephen Ruben, Mark MurrayThe Ruben Law Firm Carol C. Seligman Jeffrey B. Morganroth Morganroth & Morganroth 4/3/2015John K. Stewart
Rocio Garcia v. Bartolo Garcia FDI-12-777428San Francisco CountyIna L. Gyemant $500Rocio Garcia Pro Se Bartolo Garcia Pro Se4/13/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Johanna Chen v. Ranah Edelin FDI-07-763559San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Johanna Chen Pro Se Ranah Edelin Pro Se 4/20/2015Anne Christine Massullo
MarII Sebahar v. Ronald Joseph Sebahar FDI-14-781736San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach MarII Sebahar Pro Se Ronald Joseph Sebahar Pro Se4/23/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Amy Rebecca Lam v. Ethan Samuel Brown FDI-14-780735San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Amy Rebecca Lam Pro Se Ethan Samuel Brown Pro Se 4/28/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Heidi Kirsch v. Louis M. Green FL-14-782176San Francisco CountyJohn P. McCall The Law Offices of John P. McCall $575$10,000Heidi Kirsch Cecilia D. Lannon Louis M. Green Jeffrey A. Riebel 4/28/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Torbin X. Bullock v. Susannah T. Martin FDI-13-779312San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Torbin X. Bullock Barry Schneider Susannah T. Martin Jessica Metoyer 5/13/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Brent Edwards v. Andrea Ghoria FDI-14-780850San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Brent Edwards Ariel Sosna Andrea Ghoria Cheryl Sena 5/27/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Xiaowei Zou v. Komendi Kosasih FDI-13-780404San Francisco CountyKathleen McKenna Viola Law Firm, P.C. $400$400Xiaowei Zou Rachel Saunders Komendi Kosasih Pro Se 6/3/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Jeffrey Lam v. Shirley Lam FDI-14-782588San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Jeffrey Lam Cheryl A. Sena Shirley Lam Pro Se 6/3/2015Anne Christine Massullo
Monique Covington Moore v. Charles Moore FDI-20-793151San Francisco CountyDavid WeinbergMonique Covington Moore Jeff Riebel, Nina Drucker, James TempletonDeLacey, Riebel, and Shindell, LLPCharles Moore Kimberly Lewellen, Regina Franco, and Steve WagnerLewellen Strebe and Dick & Wagner, LLP8/10/2021Monica F. Wiley
Yasmin Tabi v. Jesse Levitt FDI-20-793870San Francisco CountyStanley L. Bartelmie Yasmin TabiPro Se Jesse Levitt Pro Se 8/20/2021Monica F. Wiley
Kimberly Hui-Xian Foo v. Richard King-Sheng Lee FDI-21-795146San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachKimberly Hui-Xian Foo Ali Yousefi Richard King-Sheng Lee Pro Se8/20/2021Monica F. Wiley
Heidi Castelein v. Alex Fisher FDI-20-794191San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Heidi Castelein Mediator for the Parties: Alexandra Mussallem Alex Fisher 8/20/2021Monica F. Wiley
Robert Pfeifer v. Kathleen Pfeifer McSpadden FDI-15-784041San Francisco CountyIrwin Joseph Robert Pfeifer Ann Riley Law Office of Ann Riley Kathleen Pfeifer McSpadden Sarah J. Arnott Van Voorhis & Sosna, LLP 9/3/2021Monica F. Wiley
Bruce Parsons McDonald v. Hang Nguyen McDonaldFDI-18-790922San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachBruce Parsons McDonald Amy N. Paul Sound Law Group, LLP Hang Nguyen McDonaldKylie E. Reich 9/13/2021Monica F. Wiley
Julie Young v. Adam Young FDI-20-793954San Francisco CountyMadeleine Simborg Greene Taubman Dias Chernus Simborg & Dominguez, LLPJulie Young Ellen Winick Stross, Rebecca C. Levin Berra Stross Wallacker & Mass Adam Young Jeff Riebel, Sheila Bari Delacey, Riebel & Shindell, LLP 9/13/2021Monica F. Wiley
Stephan Owen Steele Hoyer v. Elena Jane Viboch FDI-21-795001San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. SlabachStephan Owen Steele Hoyer Pro Se Elena Jane Viboch Pro Se10/27/2021Monica F. Wiley
Alexander C. Beckman v. Felice Gunawan BeckmanFDI-19-792126San Francisco CountyMarjorie A. Slabach Alexander C. Beckman Ellen Winick Stross, Rebecca C. Levin Felice Gunawan BeckmanKatherine Shlaudeman12/9/2021Monica F. Wiley
Lydia Stone Ely v. Frederick Adam Pfahler IVFDI-21-794815San Francisco CountyDavid Sutton David Sutton Mediation $470Lydia Stone Ely Pro SeFrederick Adam Pfahler IVPro Se 1/20/2022Monica F. Wiley
Angelina Jolie Pitt v. William Bradley PittBD646058Los Angeles CountyJohn W. Ouderkirk (Ret)ARC, Alternative Resolution CentersAngelina Jolie PittSamantha Bley DeJeanBley & BleyWilliam Bradley PittLance S. Spiegel, Anne C. KileyYoung, Spiegel & Lee LLP, Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP10/25/1912/31/20Lawrence Riff
Angelina Jolie Pitt v. William Bradley PittBD646058Los Angeles CountyJohn W. Ouderkirk (Ret)ARC, Alternative Resolution CentersAngelina Jolie PittLaura WasserWasser CoopermanWilliam Bradley PittLance S. Spiegel, Anne C. KileyYoung, Spiegel & Lee LLP, Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP1/9/17
Angelina Jolie Pitt v. William Bradley PittBD646058Los Angeles CountyJohn W. Ouderkirk (Ret)ARC, Alternative Resolution CentersAngelina Jolie PittLaura WasserWasser CoopermanWilliam Bradley PittLance S. Spiegel, Anne C. KileyYoung, Spiegel & Lee LLP, Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP2/6/18
Angelina Jolie Pitt v. William Bradley PittBD646058Los Angeles CountyJohn W. Ouderkirk (Ret)ARC, Alternative Resolution CentersAngelina Jolie PittLaura WasserWasser CoopermanWilliam Bradley PittLance S. Spiegel, Anne C. KileyYoung, Spiegel & Lee LLP, Elkins Kalt Weintraub Reuben Gartside LLP11/28/18
D403370Ventura CountyMelinda Johnson JAMS, Inc.Andrew ShaverLisa MeyerMeyer, Olson, Lowy, MeyersKelly Ann ShaverLori A. Loo12/10/21
Robert G. Mendez v. Clary N. MendezBD584736Los Angeles CountyJill Robbins (Ret)Robert G. MendezBenjamin Valencia, Heather A. OgdenValencia-Taghavi LLPClary N. MendezLeon F. BennettLaw Offices of Leon F. Bennett, APLC
Dorit Reichental v. Avi Reichental17FL00447Santa Barbara CountyMelinda Johnson JAMS, Inc.Dorit ReichentalWallace S. FingerettFeinberg Mindel Brandt & Klein LLPAvi ReichentalGregory W. JessnerPhillips Jessner LLP5/19/17